07 August 2013

"Why Do You Sing Cricket?" Illustrations

 Some of my new illustrations for the book
"Why Do You Sing Cricket?"
Writer: Babak Saberi/ Translated by Erfan Mojib
Koodakan publication

 تصویرسازی‌ برای کتاب "چرا آواز می‌خوانی زنجره؟" و
 نوشته بابک صابری/ ترجمه به انگلیسی: عرفان مجیب
انتشارات کودکان

The story is about friendship and what makes it to happen between two very different people. It is a poetic dialogue between a musician and a cricket. They both talk about why and when they sing and reveal their different feelings in between.  At the end they know that, apart from being so different from each other, they still can be good friends because of all those many other things in common.

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In Netherlands 

03 August 2013

Illustration for Shaahnameh

تصویرسازی برای شاهنامه کودکان

02 August 2013

"LosThings City"'s Illustrations

Some of illustrations for the book "LosThnigs City"
Writer: Samira Zamani
تصویرسازی برای کتاب "شهر گمشده‌ها" نوشته سمیرا زمانی

Technique: Mixed Media (Pencil, Paper Collage)
Text: Do you know what happens to things that you lose? All the lost things go directly to a city that is on no maps: the Losthings City. When you look for your lost object, a mail is automatically sent to the mailman of the Losthings City. Mr. Hodgepodge, the mailman, collects your object and brings it back to a place that you can find it.
The story is set in this imaginary city. A city in which, all inhabitants live a lonely life. The main character of the story is a red balloon who is desperate to go back to his owner but that is not to be. At last, he manages to change the course of events and brings happiness to the life of himself and many others.  

01 August 2013


Style Experiment for Mr. Squirrel story