19 March 2013

Hello Hampshire!

This is a weblog about illustration and children's book from a Hampshire College student, who is interested in children’s book editing; and has gathered a very interesting collection of illustrations and books she likes from all over the world. 
I found this post about my works in this blog, and it made my day! She has written:
" I LOVE these first illustrations to death. I’m a big fan of collage and skewed perspectives, warped angles, and lopsided faces in art. If you look carefully, you can see that Ehtesabian uses ripped pieces of paper to add texture to the backgrounds…/ What a great moon! My favorite illustrated rendition."

Well, thank you!  :-)


12 March 2013

Your Night, My Day in Texas

Poster Design for the art Exhibition: Your Night, My Day
In Texas, USA
A Collaborative art project between artists in Iran and USA
Curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Eden Unluata

 طراحی پوستر برای نمایشگاه "شب تو، روز مندر تگزاس
نمایشگاهی اشتراکی بین هنرمندانی از ایران و امریکا
با کیوریتوری موره‌شین اللهیاری و ادن اونلواتا

My works in the Exhibition
Tea Project, Video Art, with: Samira Zamani, Reza Nejad Nik & Morehshin
  پروژه چای/ ویدیوآرت، با همکاری سمیرا زمانی، رضا نژادنیک و موره‌شین اللهیاری
Shoes Project/ Left to right: Negin Ehtesabian, Vana Nabipour
پروژه کفش/ راست به چپ: وانا نبی‌پور، نگین احتسابیان
Hands Project: Vana.N, Negin.E
پروژه دست/ نگین.ا، وانا.ن
Censorship Project: Vana.N, Negin.E
پروژه سانسور/ راست‌به‌چپ: نگین.ا، وانا .ن
Some other works:

با تشکر از سمیرا زمانی و رضا نژادنیک برای نریشن ویدیوی چای*

06 March 2013

Some new Works for SaNg Projects

Some New Works for Emerald
Sang Projects, no.1

Some New Drawings

Some final Prints

Bride is Coming Out!
Backstage: Samira is working on Mezzo-tint prints

With Samira Zamani