28 June 2011

In Coroflot Gallery

"Negin's playful, expressive art and illustration offers a glimpse into another world of wonder and imagination."

19 June 2011

Group Illustration Exhibition in Germany/ "The Road"

نمایشگاه گروهی "تصویرگری‌های ایرانی" در آلمان
نخستین نمایشگاه تصویرگری شباویز 24 اردیبهشت-4 خرداد 1390 در گالری نوروتیتان آلمان برگزار شد
تصويرگران منتخب و كتاب‌هايي كه تصاوير آن‌ها در اين نمايشگاه به‌نمايش درخواهد آمد، به‌وسيله‌ كارشناسان و صاحب‌نظران گالري پس از حدود يك سال مطالعه و بررسي انتخاب شده‌اند. و 

The first expo of Iranian illustration was held in Germany for May 14-June 4. The expo displayed 54 illustrations of 18 books released by Shabavis publication; The experts of Berlin's Neurotitan gallery had chosen these pictures after about a year of assessment. 
Farshid Shafiei, Sharareh Khosravani, Sahar Bardaee, Morteza Zahedi, Atieh Bozorg-sohrabi, Hoda Haddadi, Nazli Tahvily, Amir Shaabanipour, Ali Boozari, Mohammad Reza Shams, Ali Reza Goldouzian, Fereshteh Najafi, Negin Ehtesabian, Neda Azimi, Saba Maasoumian, and Ali Namvar were some of the illustrators whose works were showcased in the expo.

My works in the exhibition, were the illustrations of the book "The Road
written by Mohammad Reza Shams
The cover of the book/ Chinese and Farsi

15 June 2011

Self-Exile, Self-Censorship

23 خرداد 1389- شرکت در نشست "خودتبعیدی، خودسانسوری" گالری معاصر زن‌بنت، نیومکزیکو- امریکا
و نمایش ویدیو انیمیشن "جعبه" برای حاضرین
Participated in the Panel Discussion 
12 June 2011/ in Zane Bennett Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico/USA
From the invitation text: "A panel discussion with young Iranian new media artists who have all left Iran in the past 4-5 years. Moderator Morehshin Allahyari will lead a discussion on the issues of working as an Iranian artist in exile, struggling with cultural taboos as well as political censorship. 
Participating artists: Noushin Rostami , Gelare Khoshgozaran and Negin Ehtesabian 

One frame of the video
I participated in the panel via web-cam, talking about the idea behind my video-art: "The Box", which has been shown for the audiences.
 از طریق وبکم موفق شدم در این پنل شرکت کنم، و درباره ایده‌هایم در ساختن این ویدیو توضیحاتی بدهم. و

Some parts of my statement:
The story is about a box which is started to being built as soon as you born, and you grow up in it, specially as a middle eastern person. This box is made by all those social rules, tradition and families' basic believes; It is also your social class, family background, and even your appearance. So, it is real, and is not easy to break, or pass; On the other hand, you wish to dance your best with each part of the life's music, and this box limits your movements, and gives a broken hysterical dance image of your challenges. Also it limits your point of view to the life. So you might one day give up, and decide not to dance anymore; Or, you might think emigration as a solution, as it could break this box around you.
And the real story begins from here: you are running from this box, and you take the box with you! You find all those limits, that you thought them as in the outside, inside yourself.
Some pictures of "The Box"

06 June 2011

My Animation: Complete Scenes

تصاویری از صحنه‌های تکمیل‌شده‌
Some pictures of complete scenes