10 April 2011

My animation: Character Design

The little girl
 The main character... I used the book for her skirt, which has a very special part in the story, 
transforms into a lily, hiding her inside itself.
Technique: Cut-Out 

I'm going to make it in cut-out, so it shouldn't be a problem with my character for not being so much flexible, though it has enough joints I'm afraid. Also I'm using texture and photo montage in my design.

طراحی کاراکتر اصلی: برای طراحی دامنش از کتاب استفاده کردم، که نقش مهمی هم در قسمتی از داستان دارد: به نیلوفر آبی تبدیل می‌شود و دخترک را در خودش پنهان می کند. و 
تکنیک کار: کات‌آوت 

In Progress:

*MA project in UWE (University of the West of England)
School of Creative Arts 
 Tutor: Mr. Chris Webster
(He is the author of the book: Animation: The Mechanics of Motion )

07 April 2011

Time Five PM

Cover design for the book: Time Five PM
poems by Omid Khosravi
Sokhan Gostar Publishing
طراحی روی جلد کتاب شعر/ انتشارات سخن‌گستر
ساعت پنج عصر/ شاعر: امید خسروی

P.S. Published book: