17 February 2011

Bristol City views 2011

 Some views of Bristol City
Technique: Collage with magazine paper

*If you wish to buy these illustrations, you can find it in the Nails gallery 
(Lower Exchange Hall, Corn Street, Bristol.BS1 1LJ/ tel:0117 929 2083)

09 February 2011

Some Sketches

At the train station

05 February 2011


 Bride and Groom 

01 February 2011

Illustration for the children book: Bride & Groom in the Rain

Some of my illustrations for the book "Bride and Groom in the Rain"
The story is about Persian wedding in a poetic way
 writer: Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, Nazar publishin co. / Xorus
بخشی از تصویرسازی‌هایی که برای کتاب "عروس و داماد زیر باران" انجام داده‌ام
نوشته احمدرضا احمدی/ نشر نظر-خروس