23 October 1997

Iran University of Science and Technology

Student of Iran University of Science and Technology
Art and Arcitecture Faculty/ Studying Industrial Design
P.S. (I quit after the second trough-out exam for visual art subjects, and being accepted for Visual Communication, in University of Tehran.)

مهر 1377- دانشجوی رشته طراحی صنعتی/ دانشکده هنر و معماری، دانشگاه علم و صنعت ایران 


16 September 1997

Some of my Paintings 1376/1997

Some of the paintings I've done during the summer 1997
Oil on Canvas
از نقاشی‌هایی که تابستان 1376 کشیده‌ام
رنگ و روغن